CorelTUTOR Help

The CorelTUTORTM tutorials provide information about using Bryce® 5

CorelTUTORTM controls

Each tutorial has a number of controls that let you navigate through the tutorials and find help.

Home button

Click the Home button to return to the CorelTUTOR Welcome page.

Help button

Click the Help button to display this Help page in a new browser window; to return to the tutorial window, close or minimize the Help window.

Restart button

Click the Restart button to restart the tutorial.

Back button

Click the Back button to return to the previous page in the tutorial.

Forward button

Click the Forward button to proceed to the next page in the tutorial.

Finding additional information

As you work through the tutorials, you may encounter terms or procedures that are unfamiliar to you. Each tutorial includes graphics and pop-ups to help you familiarize yourself with the tools and terminology used in the application.