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Editing bitmaps with Corel PHOTO-PAINT

You can access Corel PHOTO-PAINT, a complete image-editing application, from within CorelDRAW. When you finish editing a bitmap, you can quickly resume your work with CorelDRAW.

To send a bitmap to Corel PHOTO-PAINT, you can click the Edit bitmap button on the property bar, or you can use the Edit bitmap command from the Bitmaps menu. You can also enable an option that lets you access Corel PHOTO-PAINT by double-clicking a bitmap.

You can copy selected objects from Corel PHOTO-PAINT and then paste them into your drawing. The selected objects are pasted as a group of bitmaps.

For more information about editing images with Corel PHOTO-PAINT, click Help Product help from the Corel PHOTO-PAINT menu bar.

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You can also use this procedure to edit groups of bitmaps. Corel PHOTO-PAINT opens the group of bitmaps as separate objects. If the bitmaps in the group have different color modes, you are prompted to change the color mode of all bitmaps in the group to the color mode of the bottom-most bitmap.

You can also open Corel PHOTO-PAINT by clicking Bitmaps Edit bitmaps.

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