Capturing images from the computer screen

Corel PaintShop Pro lets you capture images from your computer screen. Captured screens can then be embedded in documents such as reports, training guides, presentations, and Web pages.

To initiate the capture process, you must choose settings and then press a hot key, right‑click, or set a delay timer. You can define your own hot key. You can also specify the delay period, so that you can set up elements such as menu lists or flyouts before completing the capture.

You can specify the window elements you want to capture. For example, you can capture the active window, a menu, an image, or a part of an image. However, hot keys and right-clicking cannot be used for capturing user-defined areas.

You can also capture a series of images. Each image is assigned a value and placed in order in the series. You can open the series of images in a graphics or word‑processing application.

If you frequently capture screens, you may want to create a new, customized toolbar containing the icons for the screen capture command. For more information, see Customizing toolbars.

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If you marked the Multiple captures check box, you can now capture another image. Press the hot key, or right-click, for each capture. When you are finished, click the Corel PaintShop Pro button on the Windows task bar. The images appear in the workspace.

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