Setting up the Manage workspace

When you start up Corel PaintShop Pro for the first time, the Manage workspace appears as your main workspace with the following four components: Navigation palette, Preview area, Organizer palette, and the Info palette. For information about each of these palettes, see The Manage workspace.

Manage workspace in Preview mode

Depending on your specific needs, you can customize the Manage workspace by choosing the Preview, Thumbnail, or Map mode, resizing, moving, or hiding the palettes, and selecting display and file preferences. For more information, see Setting Manage workspace preferences.

Manage workspace in Thumbnail mode

Manage workspace in Map mode

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Manage workspace 


When you customize the Manage workspace, the program remembers the latest layout settings and automatically saves them for your next session.

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Manage workspace 


A convenient way to minimize the Organizer palette (or any palette) is to click the Auto Hide button on the palette title bar. For more information, see To roll up a toolbar or palette.

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