Particle brushes are physics-inspired brushes that give a unique look and feel to your artwork. They emit particles from a central point, and in turn the particles draw a pattern of lines (paths) as they move across the canvas. For more information, see Particle brushes.


Flow Busted Seams Glow

Flow Fur Sprayer

Flow Fur Tail 2

Flow Fur

Flow Map Enhancer

Flow Soft Cover Pressure Expression

Gravity Bristle 2

Gravity Deco Streamline

Gravity Lazy Sketch

Gravity Real Wet Oil

Flow Aurora

Flow Sparkler Glow

Gravity Jagged Light Pen

Spring Chain Smokey

Spring Fireball

Particle Spring Rainbow Silk

Spring Silk Ribbon

Spring Chunky

Spring Concept Creature

Spring Flame Glow 2

Spring Frayed Rope Glow

Spring Light Sword Glow

Spring Nucleus Smokey



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