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Using the Mirror Painting mode

In Corel Painter, you can create a symmetrical painting by using the Mirror Painting mode. When you enable the Mirror Painting mode, a plane appears in the drawing window that lets you paint one half of an object while Corel Painter automatically replicates a mirror image of the opposing side of the object by reproducing the brushstrokes. For example, if you want to paint a symmetrical face, simply paint one half of the face and Corel Painter automatically completes the other half.

When using the Mirror Painting mode, the brushstrokes that you apply on one side of the plane may occasionally look different in the opposite plane. For example, if you start the Mirror Painting on a canvas that contains previously applied brushstrokes, the mirrored brushstrokes blend with the colors that are already on the canvas. In addition, if you’re applying randomized brushstrokes, such as a nozzle, the mirrored brushstrokes are also randomly applied.

mirror painting

The green line that displays in the middle of the document window represents the mirror plane.

You can display the mirror plane vertically, horizontally, or display both at the same time. You can also control the placement of the mirror plane in the drawing window by moving or by rotating the plane.

To create a mirror painting Back to Top


Click the Toggle Planes button on the property bar.
Click the Toggle Mirror Painting button on the property bar.


The Brush tool is the only tool that you can use to create mirror and kaleidoscope paintings. Other tools, such as the Shape tool, are not supported.

To control the display of the mirror plane Back to Top


Click the Symmetry Plane Color button, and click a color swatch.
Click the Reset Mirror Painting button on the property bar.

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