Configuring settings for 3D display

Corel WinDVD lets you set your 3D viewing preferences during playback.

To configure 3D display settings

On the Control bar, click the triangle next to the 3D mode icon .
When 3D mode is enabled, the 3D Display Status in the 3D Settings dialog box displays ON.
In Content Type, choose one of the following options:
Auto automatically detects 3D playback capabilities of a disc
2D plays a movie in 2D mode
3D — plays a movie in 3D mode
Enable the 2D to 3D Conversion check box to convert 2D titles to 3D on the fly. In 3D Depth adjustment, move the slider left or right to decrease or increase the depth of 3D effect.
In Display Type, click Display Monitor to choose the correct display panel and display configuration.
In Define Display, choose the correct display type and configuration:
Anaglyph plays a movie in Anaglyph format
NVIDIA 3D Vision enters Exclusive Mode and plays a movie in Frame Sequential format
Full HD 3D TV plays a movie in Checkerboard format
Full HD 3D TV - Interleaved plays a movie in Row Interleaved format
HDMI 1.4 Video Output uses frame packing technology via the HDMI 1.4 port to play your movie
The list of available options depends on your hardware configuration.
Enable the Set display panel size manually check box and move the slider to set the size (in inches) of your monitor/display hardware.
Click OK to save the settings.

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