Labels, ratings, and flags

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Color labels, star ratings, and flags are the quickest way to help you find what your looking for more quickly.


Color labels

Color labels let you categorize your images visually. There are five colors and the unlabeled state. Color labels are often used to categorize images by purpose or edit status. For example, you can assign a red label to images that need post-processing or heavy retouching. You can assign a blue label to images that are part of a panorama or another series.

You can also use color labels to indicate the status of your images. For example, you can assign a yellow label to images that you have posted to your photo-sharing website, green labels to images that you have sold to a client or stock agency, and red labels to images in your catalog that have restricted copyright usage.

It is best to be consistent and complete when you use a color label system.

Each version can have only one color label, so try to avoid using labels for status or indicators that are not mutually exclusive. For example, an image could have both restrictive copyright usage and could be posted to a photo-sharing website. It is better to use keyword hierarchies for status indicators that are not mutually exclusive.

To assign a color label

1.In the Thumbnail panel, select the images that you want to label.
2.On the Top toolbar, click the Label drop-down menu and choose a color.

The color labels appear in the lower-right corner of the thumbnails.

Tip: You can also assign a color label to a thumbnail by positioning your pointer over the bottom right corner of a thumbnail and clicking the color label icon to display and choose a color.

Star ratings

Star ratings are a great way to help you to find your best images quickly. You can assign ratings to images in your catalog to quickly select or filter images.

To assign star ratings

1.In the Thumbnail panel, select the images that you want to rate.
2.Do one of the following:
Click one of the stars rate_1_stars_on on the Top toolbar.
Press Ctrl + [1,2,3,4, or 5].


You can use flags to pick (Flag as Pick) or reject (Flag as Reject) images. You can also clear flags that you assign (Clear Flag). Flagging is a great way to quickly assess images. You can also use flags to mark images that you are in the process of editing or you can flag several images with similar content so you can quickly select and compare them when trying to select the best version.

You can flag a file or version as reject to help you keep your catalog free of out of focus or otherwise poor quality images. One workflow would be to scan through new images, flagging the poor quality images as Reject. After all images have been reviewed, use the filter to show only the rejected images to verify that you marked only the poor quality images, then permanently delete the Reject images. You can also keep images that you flag as Reject — after they are flagged as Reject, they do not show up in the standard view of your Catalog, while leaving them on your computer just in case you do need that image later.

To flag images

1.In the Thumbnail panel, select the images that you want to flag.
2.Do one of the following:
Click the Flag as Pick flag_as_pick_onor Flag as Reject flag_as_reject_on buttons on the Top toolbar.
Press . (period key) to pick or press , (comma key) to reject images.

If you want to clear a flag, click the Clear Flag button clear_flag.

Applying labels, ratings, and flags

There are several ways to add labels, ratings, and flags to your images: Toolbar icons, Thumbnail indicators, and shortcut keys.

Toolbar icons

To apply labels, ratings, and flags with toolbar buttons, you will first need to select the images you want to apply the labels (and/or ratings and flags) to. Then, you can add a rating, label, or flag by clicking the toolbar button associated with the setting you want to apply. The toolbar buttons will show the state of the current active version. To remove one of these settings, click the setting that is already applied (click the red color label of a Version that is already set as red to remove that label).

Note: Toolbar icons will assign ratings, labels, or flags to all selected images, unless Multi-Image View is enabled when only the active version will be assigned.

Thumbnail indicators

Thumbnail indicators show the current settings for labels, rating, and flags, as shown in the example image above, and can be clicked to change the rating, label or flag setting for the version that you click on. To mark a version as rejected, Alt+Click (Option+Click on Mac, Alt+Shift+Click on Linux) on the flag indicator.

Shortcut keys and the application menus

You can also assign labels, ratings, and flags by using shortcut keys and the application menu entries.

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