Outputting images

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Because Corel AfterShot Pro is non-destructive, the adjustments made to images within Corel AfterShot Pro must be written out to a new image file before these adjustments can be seen in any other application. The process of creating output images is quick, while at the same time powerful and very configurable.

There are two main ways to output photos:

Save File As — you can use the Save File As command to output one or more selected photos (versions). This method does not use predefined batch settings, so each time you output, you choose the settings that you want.
Batch — like a preset, a batch uses a set of predefined output settings to output one or more photos (versions). You can configure batches with your favorite settings so you can process many images very quickly without having to choose a folder, image format, rename format, and other settings each time you output. This is often easier and faster to use than Save, even when you are outputting a single file.

Output types

There are three types of output that you can choose from: File, Copy, and Gallery.

File output is the most commonly used output type. For example, if you simply want to output your RAW file as a JPEG file, this is the file type to use. This output type creates a new image file in the format that you select. You can apply adjustments and resize the image. You can save to a predefined folder or specify new file names and folders by using renaming formats.
Copy output (batch only) is ideal for transferring images from a memory card to a specific location on your computer and importing files to your Library, all in one step. This output type copies source files (master file and sidecar file) to the folder of your choice. You can also automatically import the files after they are copied so that your catalogs and Library is up-to-date.
Gallery output (batch only) creates image and HTML files that let you create a Web gallery for your photos. Just upload all the files to your website.

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