Supported file formats


A file format defines how an application stores information in a file. If you want to use a file created in a different application than the one you are currently using, you must import that file. Conversely, if you create a file in one application and want to use it in another application, you must export the file to a different file format.

When you name a file, an application automatically appends a filename extension, usually three characters in length (for example, .cdr, .bmp, .tif, and .eps). This filename extension helps you and the computer differentiate between files of different formats.

The following list includes all file formats used in this application. Note that not all file format filters are installed by default. If you cannot export or import a file from the list, you need to update your installation of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. For more information, see Modifying and repairing installations.

Not all suite components documented in this Help are available in our Trial, Academic, and OEM versions. Unavailable components may include Corel applications, product features, third-party utilities, and extra content files.

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