Using the Materials palette

Corel PaintShop Pro lets you paint, draw, and fill with a variety of styles and materials.

Both styles and materials can be selected from the Materials palette.

You can display the Materials palette at any time. You can leave it open while you work, or you can display it only when you need it.

You can also reverse the foreground and background colors or materials.


The Materials palette

Main components of the Materials palette

Why does the Materials palette have both properties and color boxes?

You can select colors by clicking the Foreground and Background Properties boxes, so you may wonder why the Materials palette also includes color boxes. The color boxes provide a quick way to change colors without changing the other materials. This means that you can select a new color even when the properties box displays a gradient or pattern.

If the properties boxes and the color boxes on the Materials palette are showing different colors, the brush paints with the gradient, texture, or pattern shown in the properties boxes rather than with the color in the color boxes. The colors shown in the color boxes become active when you select Color from the Style buttons for the Foreground and Background Properties boxes.

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You can also close the palette by clicking the Close button in the palette’s title bar or by pressing F2.

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