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Applying Freehand and Straight Brushstrokes

You can draw unconstrained lines by using the freehand drawing style, or you can draw straight lines.

When you draw a freehand stroke, you can drag with any motion or in any direction. The stroke follows your path.

Dragging to create freehand strokes.

When you draw a straight line stroke, Corel Painter connects points with a straight line.

To create a straight line stroke, you click to add the first point and then click or drag to create the stroke.

To draw freehand lines Back to Top
On the Brush property bar, click the Freehand Strokes button .
Drag on the canvas.
You can use shortcut keys to toggle between the freehand and straight line drawing styles. Press B to choose the freehand style, or V to choose the straight-line style.
To draw straight lines Back to Top
On the Brush property bar, click the Straight Line Strokes button .
Click a point on the canvas where you want to start your line.
Do one of the following:
Click the point where you want to end the line.
Drag to place the end point exactly where you want it.
Corel Painter connects the first and second points with a straight line.
To continue drawing from the second point, click or drag to create additional points on the canvas.
Corel Painter connects each point with a straight line.
To end a line, do one of the following:
Press Return (Mac OS) or Enter (Windows) to close the polygon. The final point is connected to the origin with a straight line.
Click the Freehand Strokes button to return to the freehand drawing style without closing the polygon.
Press V to end the current polygon without closing it, so that you can begin a new one.

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