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Constraining, Fading, and Undoing Strokes

Using the freehand stroke drawing style, you can constrain your strokes to a straight line. The angle you draw depends on the orientation of the stroke.

You can also make a stroke less opaque, or more translucent, by fading the stroke.

In this example, a brushstroke was applied to the canvas (left) and then fade was applied to the brushstroke (right)by using the Fade dialog box (center).

In addition, you can undo a stroke. You can also control how many individual strokes can be undone, see Performance Preferences.

To constrain freehand strokes Back to Top
Hold down Shift as you drag.
To fade a stroke Back to Top
Choose Edit Fade.
Drag the Undo Amount slider.
The Preview window displays the results of your selection.
To undo a stroke Back to Top
Choose Edit Undo Brush Stroke.
You can also undo a stroke by pressing Command + Z (Mac OS) or Ctrl + Z (Windows).

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