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Selecting and Searching for Brushes

The Brush Library panel displays a brush library’s brush categories and variants. This allows you to choose which variant you want to use. The default brushes are organized in recognizable categories that are named according to traditional art media.

When you choose a brush variant, you can preview the variant’s brush dab and brush stroke at the bottom of the panel. The Brush Library panel also displays the most recently used brushes at the top of the panel, which let you quickly access the last brushes that you used.

The Brush Library panel lets you choose a brush category (left) and a brush variant (right).

The default Corel Painter brush variants display in the Brush Library panel until you open or import a different brush library. In addition, the Brush Library panel displays only the brush variants for the open library. For information, see Opening and Importing Brush Libraries.

If you’re looking for a brush from a previous version of Corel Painter, you can reload the old version’s brush library. For more information, see Opening and Importing Brush Libraries.

To select a brush category and variant Back to Top
In the toolbox, click the Brush tool .
Click the Brush Selector on the Brush Selector bar.
In the Brush Library panel, click a brush category, and click a brush variant.

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