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The Property Bar

In Corel Painter, the property bar displays options for the currently selected tool. By default, the property bar displays in the application window docked below the menu bar, but you can close it. You can also move the property bar or dock it to the application window or to other panels.

The property bar for the Grabber tool.

From the property bar you can access and change tool options and settings. Tool settings are retained when you switch from one tool to another. You can also use the property bar to restore the default settings of the selected tool.

To open or close the property bar Back to Top
Choose Window Property Bar.
You can also close the property bar by clicking the close button on the header bar.
To move or dock the property bar Back to Top
Perform a task from the following table.

Do the following
Move the property bar
Drag the property bar’s header bar to a new location.
Dock the property bar
Drag the header area of the property bar, and place it under the menu bar. The property bar snaps into place.

To reset the default tool settings Back to Top
Click the Reset Tool button on the property bar.
The Reset Tool button on the property bar has the same icon as the selected tool in the toolbox.

Various Reset Tool buttons for the Grabber property bar.

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