Choosing a Painting Workflow

Corel Painter includes a wide array of tools and features that allow you to create original artwork. The purpose of this topic is to introduce you to the two most-common Corel Painter workflows and refer you to Help topics that provide more information about each of these workflows.

Workflow 1: Start with a photo

Using Corel Painter’s powerful cloning tools, you can quickly transform a digital photo into a painting.

The photo (left) was cloned (right) to begin the painting process.

Workflow step
Help topic
1. Open a photo for painting
2. Prepare a photo for cloning
3. Paint the clone
4. Save the photo painting

You can also create a photo-painting by using the Auto-painting feature. For more information, see Auto-Painting Photos.
Workflow 2: Start with a blank canvas

You can also start a project from scratch by choosing a paper texture and a brush, and applying color to the canvas.

You can start with a blank canvas (left) and use your imagination, and the Corel Painter tools, to create a work of art.

Help topic
1. Choose a paper texture
2. Choose a brush
3. Choose a color
4. Apply a brushstroke to the canvas

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